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June 23, 2011 Edit

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Public Awareness Campaign: Who are we targeting?

June 22nd You Can’t Do It Alone: Campaign Recruitment Webinar

The focus of this webinar for the Public Awareness Campaign is “Who are we targeting?”
This program aims to rally landscape architects together to become more engaged in promoting the profession to the public. It is also aimed at recruiting help from your own section and coordinating activities with other sections throughout your state. Even forming a committee made up of state-wide members or non-ASLA members would be an excellent promotional tool.

• There are two phases for the Public Awareness Campaign. The first phase is the “08.17.11. The Understory” which is specifically designed to recruit participants in the launch activities. The second phase is public outreach with a message of “Landscape Architecture. Your Environment. Designed.”

• The Public Awareness Campaign has designed recruitment posters to generate excitement and create a buzz for landscape architecture to be launched on 8-17-11. These will be made available to ASLA chapters and landscape architecture or other design professional firms to download next week.

• Simple events will be planned with the intent of engaging all landscape architects to work together to more actively promote what landscape architects really do.

• Networking media such as Twitter and Facebook will be used to orchestrate and report on this campaign. Mapping tools such as Google Earth will use a national map to show how each state has a Public Awareness Advocate working together to develop higher visibility and innovative marketing tools for the profession.

• Stay tuned for how you can show and tell your understory on 08-17.11 very soon.

June 23, 2011 Edit

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Correction: Oregon Recognizes LA CES

via LAND e-news from ASLA Nationals:

In the first of a planned series of inserts delivered with Landscape Architecture Magazine, the June edition mistakenly indicated in a graphic that Oregon does not yet recognize the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) to satisfy continuing-education requirements

Oregon does, in fact, recognize LA CES and has for some time.